AMED Public and Private Partnerships for Infectious Diseases R&D

About APiD

Purposes and Activity Policies

Through exchanging opinions on medical needs and developmental trends in the area of infectious diseases, APiD aims to consider future strategic approaches in the area and promote further collaboration among academia, industry and government.
AMED, academic societies (The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases and Japanese Society of Chemotherapy), and related pharmaceutical companies (The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, JPMA) are major members of APiD.

APiD will be kept as a closed small group consisting of a limited number of representatives recommended by each stakeholder (AMED, related academic societies, JPMA). Additional external experts will be invited as necessary, for the time being.

The recommendations summarized by APiD will be used for the following activities:

APiD Member

President of The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases

Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi
The University of Tokyo
President of Japanese Society of Chemotherapy,
President of the Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology
Tetsuya Matsumoto
International University of Health and Welfare
7 Academic Society and the Drug Discovery Promotion Review Committee Kazuhiro Tateda
Toho University
The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Kazuki Hoshino
Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.
The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Yoshinori Yamano
SHIONOGI & Co., Ltd.
The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Yoshisaburo Takahashi
Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.
Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development AMR participants

AMR Surveillance Committee (Data Sharing)

The committee will discuss specific goals and activities on “Data Sharing” of AMR and “Strain Bank.” In particular, the committee aims at make a viable plans by hearing the opinions at practical level and discussing what can be done by industry, academia, and government.

Drug discovery Support Committee

The results obtained from this committee will be utilized to 1) continuous discovery of drug discovery seeds related to infectious diseases, 2) the right way of AMED support and industry-academia-government collaboration, 3) out-licensing strategies for AMED-supported themes, and 4) research planning related to drug discovery for infectious diseases.